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Attendance Really Matters!

Norfolk Public Schools' mission is to educate each student to become a successful, productive contributor to society by providing powerful teaching and learning opportunities. To accomplish this mission, it is critical that students attend school regularly.

Sound simple? It should be.

However in Norfolk, 21 percent of high school students are chronically absent, meaning that they miss 18 or more days of school per year. The trend builds from elementary school, where 5 percent are chronically absent, to middle school, where 14 percent miss far too much class.

Among high schoolers who are chronically absent, more than half will drop out.

The message for Norfolk is clear: Our students cannot achieve success in school and enter adulthood prepared for the challenges ahead unless they go to class regularly.

Who is responsible for this?

Every student, and every adult who has influence over a student, has a responsibility to make regular school attendance job #1.

Read more on this site about what you can do.

Attendance matters!

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