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Enrolling Your Child

Age of Kindergarten Entrance

To enter kindergarten, your child must be 5 years old by Sept. 30 of the current school year. Students turning 5 years old in Oct., Nov., or Dec. may attend kindergarten, on a space-available basis, under the following conditions:

  • Must demonstrate readiness
  • Must pay a tuition fee

Mandatory Entrance Requirements

The Commonwealth of Virginia mandates the following requirements prior to entrance in public schools:

  1. Physical Examination (PreK - 7th grade):
    1. Pre-Kindergarten through the 7th grade requires a physical examination within 12 months prior to date of entry.
    2. A second physical is required before kindergarten if attended pre-school. Click here to download the Virginia School Entrance Health Form.
      Documentary proof shall be provided of adequate age appropriate immunization with the prescribed number of doses of vaccine indicated below for attendance at a public or private elementary, middle or secondary school, child care center, nursery school, family day care home or developmental center. Vaccines must be administered in accordance with the harmonized schedule of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American Academy of Pediatrics, and American Academy of Family Physicians and must be administered within spacing and age requirements (available at
  2. Immunization Requirements (K-12):
    A shot record with the following immunizations noted upon it must be shown to the appropriate school official prior to admission.

    Diphtheria, Tetanus, & Pertussis (DTaP, DTP, or Tdap). A minimum of 4 doses. A child must have at least one dose of DTaP or DTP vaccine on or after the fourth birthday. DT (Diphtheria, Tetanus) vaccine is required for children who are medically exempt from the pertussis containing vaccine (DTaP or DTP). Adult Td is required for children 7 years of age and older who do not meet the minimum requirements for tetanus and diphtheria. Effective July 1, 2006, a booster dose of Tdap vaccine is required for all children entering the 6th grade, if at least five years have passed since the last dose of tetanus-containing vaccine.

    Haemophilus Influenzae Type b (Hib) Vaccine. This vaccine is required ONLY for children up to 60 months of age. A primary series consists of either 2 or 3 doses (depending on the manufacturer). However, the child’s current age and not the number of prior doses received govern the number of doses required. Unvaccinated children between the ages of 15 and 60 months are only required to have one dose of vaccine.

    Hepatitis B Vaccine. A complete series of 3 doses of hepatitis B vaccine is required for all children. However, the FDA has approved a 2-dose schedule ONLY for adolescents 11-15 years of age AND ONLY when the Merck Brand (RECOMBIVAX HB) Adult Formulation Hepatitis B Vaccine is used. If the 2-dose schedule is used for adolescents 11-15 years of age it must be clearly documented on the school form.

    Human Papillomavirus Vaccine (HPV). Effective October 1, 2008, a complete series of 3 doses of HPV vaccine is required for females. The first dose shall be administered before the child enters the 6th grade. After reviewing educational materials approved by the Board of Health, the parent or guardian, at the parent’s or guardian’s sole discretion, may elect for the child not to receive the HPV vaccine.

    Measles, Mumps, & Rubella (MMR) Vaccine. A minimum of 2 measles, 2 mumps, and 1 rubella. (Most children receive 2 doses of each because the vaccine usually administered is the combination vaccine MMR). First dose must be administered at age 12 months or older. Second dose of vaccine must be administered prior to entering kindergarten but can be administered at any time after the minimum interval between dose 1 and dose 2.

    Pneumococcal (PCV) Vaccine. This vaccine is required ONLY for children less than two years of age. Two to four doses, dependent on age at first dose, of pneumococcal 7-valent conjugate vaccine are required.

    Polio Vaccine. A minimum of 4 doses of polio vaccine. One dose must be administered on or after the fourth birthday.

    Varicella (Chickenpox) Vaccine. All susceptible children born on and after January 1, 1997, shall be required to have one dose of chickenpox vaccine administered at age 12 months or older. Effective March 3, 2010, a second dose must be administered prior to entering kindergarten but can be administered at any time after the minimum interval between dose 1 and dose 2.

  3. Birth Certificate (All students):
    Birth Certificates are required to be shown to the appropriate school offical prior to admission.

  4. Social Security Number (All students):
    Virginia law requires all students in the public schools to have a Social Security number.

Enrolling Your Child

If your child is new to Norfolk Public Schools, you need the following to register:

  1. Both the student and the legal guardian present. (Proof of custody is necessary in certain circumstances.)
  2. A certified copy of the student's birth certificate.
  3. A complete shot record for the student that includes dates.
  4. A social security number for the student.
  5. A copy of the student's most recent grades from his or her previous school.
  6. The name and address of the last school attended.
  7. Proof of a valid Norfolk address (Dominion Power bill, rent receipt, lease, or home purchase agreement).

Enrollment questions? Call the Office of Pupil Personnel at (757) 628-3931

 Additional Useful Information (in Adobe PDF format):

Recommended and Minimum Ages and Intervals Between Doses of Routinely Recommended Vaccines

Catch-up Immunization Schedule for Persons Aged 4 Months Through 18 Years Who Start Late or Who Are More Than 1 Month Behind

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